Wednesday, January 19 • 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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Biofuel known as an alternative fuels when the world try to save the precious, low resources of fossil fuel and it is being uses up to a point sooner or later will be gone and it is not a reusable source. Going to biofuel, what is the main thing that made biofuel possible or as it is? Biofuel is made up of alcohol fermentation that comes from the process of ABE which stands for Acetone, Butanol, and Ethanol. What if there is something that will help increase the production of a fuel that are being obtained everyday for oils? What about a little twist to the ABE process, maybe for example, dyes, not just any dyes but an organic one. Methyl viologen is its name, and it is an tested before and evidences from a research paper in 1986s. It has been discovered that the result have shown that it made metabolism shift. Giving the idea that maybe it could do the same to the production of biofuel. The purpose of “Can it be dye” is to see if the dyes of methyl viologen and maybe neutral red will help the production of biofuel of ABE growing with bacteria, Clostridium Acetobutylicum. The reason to take the first step is to see if this simple idea will work before I can go in dept with other further experiments. The hypothesis of this experiment is the dyes will help the production of biofuel because of the characteristics of the dyes and it have been test that methyl viologen before from a research paper written in 1986, that it has cause significance in the change of metabolic shift. My result looking from the graph at the first one, it shows that MV standing for Methyl Viologen has increased the butanol production in regular clostridium medium. The line that looks like an “I” is showing how much each biofuel productions’ has increased because of methyl viologen; clearly the graph shows is stating that butanol is the one that has been largely produces more compared to the other biofuel in ABE. In other case of methyl viologen only having little effects on the biofuel production but on a particular one it does have an affect. In the second and third graph, there have been same test just re-tested. In the second one, the graph prove that MV is showing more effects towards the acetone more than butanol as it was before. Towards the data, it was a weird outcome, so I tested it again rerun the samples and it has a similar outcome. For the conclusion of this experiment is that the hypothesis was correct and the graph and data shows that the dyes will help the production of biofuel because of the characteristics of the dyes. It is true that the dye experiment tested by Dr. Rao and Mutharasan worked. I just took that idea and came up with this one to see if the dye will help the production of biofuel. With the helpful graph and data and results have made me to come to an conclusion that methyl viologen has help the production of biofuel a little and largely does not depend, all that matter was to tested the dye with the C. Acetobutylicum and median has created something affectedly.


Wednesday January 19, 2011 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Glass Oaks Main Floor - Side Wing

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