Wednesday, January 19 • 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Shape Memory Alloys

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Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) are unique metals that can recover to their original shapes when heated above a certain temperature. We are trying to distinguish between the efficiency of NiTiPd and CoNiAl when processed into SMAs. NiTiPd is highly cost effective. We are conducting this experiment on CoNiAl, an inexpensive material. We want to discover if CoNiAl will have the same or an even better end result than NiTiPd. The problem we are facing is that CoNiAl can be beneficial only below the temperature of 100 C. We are attempting to see if the maximum temperature can be increased so it can replace NiTiPd. The CoNiAl that we are using is successful below 100 c. We can use NiTiPd above 100 c; but it is not an economical material. Using this material would not be practical. Procedure: 1: We acquired Co Ni Al compression sample in 4x4x8 mm dimension. 2: We applied constant compression, stress, and we constantly heated and cooled the sample. 3: While we were heating and cooling the sample, we recorded the strain and the temperature. 4: We plot strain versus temperature on a graph. 5: We used a MTS compression testing machine to test the strength and strain of the material. 6:We used a heating element on the machine to heat the sample. We used nitrogen to cool the sample. 7: We removed the sample of Co Ni Al. 8: We placed a sample of NiTiPd in the MTS compression testing machine and repeated all the steps above. 9: We compared our graphed results and concluded our experiment. We observed that at 400 C under 200 Mpa 0.5 hr is enough to create desirable precipitates. If we increase the time we would get weak shape memory response that means we will get low strains. Conclusion: CoNiAl is a promising high temperature SMA. It can be a substitute for NiTiPd. Ageing under stress before the experiment worked for CoNiAl to improve its shape memory characteristics.


Wednesday January 19, 2011 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Glass Oaks Main Floor - Side Wing

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