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Wednesday, January 19

6:30pm CST

Biodegradable Multifunctional Nanoparticles Glass Oaks Biofuel Glass Oaks Biophysical Characterization of DNA Ligase Glass Oaks Characterization of a neutrophil-like cell line Glass Oaks Correlation Or Causation (BMI and GPA) Glass Oaks Cyber Security Applications for Smart Phone: Recognizing Operating Code Pattern Differential among Users Glass Oaks Effectiveness of Selected Oils in Inhibiting Microbial Growth of Staphylococcus epidermis Glass Oaks Effects of Biosorption of Pb+2 ions in H2O by different Algal Species Glass Oaks Electrical Energy Harvesting Through Piezoelectricity with Vibrations. Glass Oaks Extracting Heavy Oils Efficiently Using Janus Particles Glass Oaks How Storage Conditions Affect the Fruit Ripening Process Glass Oaks Hyper Active Glass Oaks Lactaid Action! Glass Oaks Locating an Earthquake using a G.S.N. Glass Oaks Producing Bio-Ethanol from Fruit Peels Glass Oaks Rational Design of Silicalite-1 using Tailored Organoamine Additives: Effect of Crystal Morphology for Clean Energy Applications Glass Oaks Release the Power of the Sun! Glass Oaks Shape Memory Alloys Glass Oaks Solar Powered Vehicle Glass Oaks Study of detection PAH ( Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and E. Coli contamination on Greens Bayou Glass Oaks Study of Ozone Collection and Concentration Variation along I-10 Houston Glass Oaks Synthesis and Biological Recognition Glass Oaks The absorption of NOx by using NaOH Glass Oaks The Comparison Between Antibacterial Properties of Human Saliva and Penicillin Glass Oaks The Effect of Microorganism Presence on the Rate of Plant Growth Glass Oaks The Intelligent Mailbox Glass Oaks The Production of Microbial Biorenewable Chemicals Glass Oaks The Study of Producing Sulfur Dioxide Absorbent Paint Glass Oaks The Unconstrained Truth About Constrained Layer-Damping Glass Oaks The Use of Iron Oxide to remove Arsenic from Water Glass Oaks The Viscosity of Motor Oil Glass Oaks Use of In-organic Elements and Organic Fertilizers to Study In-Situ Bio-remediation of Oil Glass Oaks Virtual Drug Screening: CA7 Varying Enzyme Assay Glass Oaks Weapon System Visualization and Signal Analysis ID Program for Converting Audio Signals Using Fourier Transform Algorithms Glass Oaks What is the best percentage of Nitrates, Phosphate, and Potassium that optimizes the growth of lettuce in a hydroponic solution? Glass Oaks Wireless Target Identification Glass Oaks